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Reel Time in Marrakech

Shopping & Getting Around

Shopping & Getting Around

The Colourful Marrakech Souks


Souk shopping is an experience rich in colour and excitement.  The souks are laid out in sections. Should you want a Guide, please contact us. We have some brilliant guides with fountains of knowledge! The guide will be able to explain the historical side of the souks as well as leading to the best shops.

Shopping tips

Haggling is a sport, and expected!  Normal rule is half the price you are given.  However, there is not really a set price – you should be happy to pay what you believe is right.  The popular items are mainly hand made by skilled artisans who have spent years perfecting their skill.

Basic Phases

HelloAsalam Alekum
In response to someone saying helloW’alekum as-salam
PleaseFadlak / Afak
Thank youShukran
Good-byeMa’a Salama
How are you?La bas?
How much is this?Bi kam?
Excuse meSme leeya
Do you speak English?Tatakallam ingleesee?
No problem?Maffi mushkila
What is your name?Asmeetak?
My name is….Esmee…..
I have no moneyMaffi feloous
I don’t understandMa femtesh
It’s too expensiveRally biseff
A littleShwaya
It’s beautifulZweena


There are taxi ranks in all the convenient places.  Ask for the counter to be put on, and don’t be worried if someone else jumps in too! It isn’t very usual, but it has happened a few times!

As a rule of thumb – the average price in and around Gueliz should be around 10 – 50DHS and night times will be double..


Tipping in Morocco. There is no “rule of thumb” per se regarding tipping in Morocco. Moroccans themselves might only leave a few dirhams on a 150 dirhams dinner bill. At many of the upmarket restaurants in the tourist areas they will add 10% to the bill, therefore check your bill.