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Reel Time in Marrakech

Clothing & Weather



Morocco never gets too cold because of the Sahara Desert in the south.  The end of November is usually beautiful!  In November sometimes we are lucky enough to see the brief sprinkling of snow on the Atlas mountains.

December is one of the cooler months of the year in Marrakesh although temperatures remain fairly mild. The average temperature on any given day in December hovers around 14 degrees Celsius. This average temperature takes into account a potential low of 8 degrees and a high of 19 degrees Celsius.  November means cool weather and shorter days in Morocco, with occasional rain showers.  In the Atlas Mountains, the daily temperature average in November is 62°F, with highs in the low seventies — ideal weather for hiking. … Marrakech sees a few rainy days in November, too, with a daily average temperature of 63°.

Weekend clothing

The end of November is usually warm in the day and cool in the evening.  Coats and shawls are useful. 

The Evening of the Gala Ball

Traditional Highland dress, Moroccan Kaftan, black tie, ladies long dress is recommended for the evening of the 30th. 

There are wonderful shops to find beautiful off the peg Kaftan’s should you want to venture. These pieces are timeless – a good investment!!

Hair “brushing”

Ladies – if you are not famililar with this French Moroccan tradition – it is amazing!! This is slightly more than a brush through the hair!  Just for the evening treat yourself to a full wash and styled blow dry.  Please contact us to organise. We have a list of very good stylist that can come to you.